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    with the university zone.

    There are many great ways to connect with the centre of the city,

    as well as various uses for the biciCas service.

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    Using biciCas is quick and easy, and

    makes it easier to travel through the city.

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    Railway and Bus


    Easy access and transportation

    no residentes en ciudad

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    of public transport

    There are various points close to stops of other means of urban transport,

    such as tram, bus, taxi, etc.

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    Recreational and touristic


    BiciCas can also be a good way to discover

    other scenery around the city, such as beaches, etc.

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    in the city

    BiciCas is integrated in the network of cycle paths and advisory cycle lanes

    in the city, facilitating its use and providing a certain level of security

    for urban journeys.

Cierre por Magdalena 2024

Bicicas permanecerá cerrado durante las fiestas de la Magdalena.

El próximo viernes 1 de marzo se procederá al cierre del servicio Bicicas debido a las festividades de la Magdalena. El servicio permanecerá cerrado hasta el domingo 10.

¡Felices Fiestas!